David Egan

David was many things: a fabulous songwriter and lyricist, an incredible pianist and, with his rumbling, low, baritone voice, an inspiring singer. He was a dedicated father and husband and a passionate anti-smoking advocate. He was a powerful, life-long presence in the South Louisiana music community.

To those of us who knew him and worked with him – he was first and foremost a real and true friend. He was someone you could count and rely on; someone you knew would always pull through, deliver a great show, and make the performance memorable. He was a person who would find a way to tell you the truth, even if you weren’t quite ready for it, and he would do so in his hulking, genteel, charming and diplomatic way…making hard truths much more palatable.

David was a musical force. He helped create and revitalize entire chapters of South Louisiana music. He wrote for and worked with a long list of musical All-Stars. His songwriting was as honest and powerful as he was. Through his passing we have lost not only a great musical force, but also a spirit that held us all to a higher standard, and a colleague who raised the bar and made us better performers, presenters and collaborators.

I find some solace in the fact that, while we have lost a giant, the other side has gained some of the finest, brawniest and most soulful singing for all time to come.
Gerd Wuestemann
Executive Director

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