27 Views of Hurricane Katrina


Centenarian, Lucille Malczyk, whose works currently lend their chromatic atmospherics to the stark white walls of AcA’s ArtHouse in her exhibition, A Century of Image Making brings with it a captivating story of an injury, Hurricane Katrina, and an experience that is undoubtedly difficult to describe with words. Malczyk’s daughter, who accompanied her on the incredible journey through Hurricane Katrina recorded the unbelievable events and the imagery that accompanied them with a collection of 27 photographs.  She recounts the amazing experience below.

“Three Days before Hurricane Katrina, Lucille Malczyk was injured by a lightning strike that caused her to fall and break her hip. This began her journey from Braithwaite, Louisiana through the St. Bernard Hospital; the Chalmette jail; the Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans; Atlanta, Georgia; Denver, Colorado and finally Lafayette, Louisiana.

This series of photographs were the luck of the moment as I threw three rolls of film into a wheelie suitcase to join ‘Mom’ after her surgery. The events after Katrina were so amazing, the only reason I kept my sanity was being in charge of my mother and being able to record everything on film.

When we were going to evacuate the hospital, I used a permanent marker to write on “Mom” — do not lift here: hip surgery, my name, her name, phone numbers, her medications and doses, she looked like a billboard.

The first photograph is after Katrina, a wheelchair abandoned in the middle of the “Admitting Entrance” driveway of the St. Bernard Hospital. This begins the pictures of her journey through the middle of Katrina.”

Join us this evening at 6:00pm in AcA’s ArtHouse for the opening of Lucille Malczyk’s exhibition, A Century of Image Making.

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