A March lineup with a little for everyone

Here at AcA, we’ve got an exciting March ahead. From visual arts to comedic performances, AcA has something to offer for everyone.

Drake Pothier Allstate Insurance Agency Presents: The Second City

March 3 — 7:30pm

Start your month with hilarity as America’s famed comedy troupe, The Second City, comes to town with The Best of The Second City. The show features some of the best sketches, songs, and improvisations from The Second City’s fifty-two year history. From the company that launched the careers of Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray and more, comes the best and brightest of the next generation comedy. An evening of hilarious sketches, songs, and trademark improvisations is sure to be one to remember.

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Arlo Guthrie — SOLD OUT!

March 4 — 7:30pm

Celebrating 50 years since the release of “Alice’s Restaurant,” Arlo Guthrie will take the Moncus Theater stage for a performance that commemorates his great success and esteemed status in the music world. Guthrie’s career exploded in 1967 with the release of “Alice’s Restaurant,” whose title song fostered a novel commitment to social awareness and activism. As a young man Arlo Guthrie, son of folk music legend Woody Guthrie, was arrested for littering on Thanksgiving Day back in 1965, he couldn’t know that it would launch his career, turning him into a counterculture hero. Join us for the celebration of a 50 year journey of both a “talking blues” record its legendary artist has taken from Brooklyn, New York to AcA’s Moncus Theater stage.

Aquila Theatre

March 12 — 7:30pm

Fulfilling its mission of bringing the greatest theatrical works to the greatest number of people Aquila Theatre’s new performance of “Wuthering Heights” is a bold and innovative production of Emily Bronte’s classic story of all-consuming passion. “Wuthering Heights” is a deep and wide story of passion, revenge, family, class, and the supernatural. Over a century and a half later, Bronte’s magnum opus remains incredibly moving. With its signature style and dynamic approach, Aquila re-imagines one of the most famous love stories ever told with this heart wrenching new production. Aquila Theatre is renowned for its ability to adapt works of classical literature into  mesmerizing live performances. Impeccable design and a unique physical style combine with a marvelous cast to make “Wuthering Heights” a captivating theatrical experience.

Check out this teaser from their production of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”

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René Marie Quartet

March 13 — 7:30pm

Grammy nominated René Marie is known as one of the most stimulating risk-takers among today’s jazz divas. Her style incorporates a distinctly American mélange of jazz, soul, blues, folk and gospel and an innate theatrical ability to interpret a song deeply and live its truth. Marie’s music shines attention on important issues in American culture and on bold artists who helped change America for the better. A bold artist herself, Marie’s performances are vivacious and thought provoking making her a truly unforgettable voice.

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The Wailers — “Legend Tour”

March 21 — 7:30pm

Though reggae music has never stopped evolving, for millions around the world its sound is still defined by the songs of Bob Marley and the Wailers. On May 8th, 1984, a reggae album was released that would change the world. That album was “Legend,” the famed compilation with Bob Marley. In recognition of the iconic album’s worldwide success, The Wailers are celebrating the 30th anniversary of Legend with a nationwide tour. On March 21, The Wailers bring great hits like “Is This Love,” “No Woman No Cry,” “Could You Be Loved,” and “Buffalo Soldier,” to the Moncus Theater stage, performing the “Legend” album in its entirety plus additional songs from the group’s career.

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Zachary Richard presents: Attakapas-The Story of the Cajun People

March 26 & 27 — 7:30pm

“Attakapas, the Cajun story is a dynamic, immersive multi-media concert performance that incorporates visual projection and live music to tell the story of the Cajun people of Louisiana.  Attakapas, the Cajun story is funny and tragic, light-hearted and powerfully moving. We will create a unique multi-media state of the art experience that honors the rich story of the Cajun people. I am very excited to share this powerful experience with audiences around the world, and to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the first Acadian exiles in Louisiana.”

— Zachary Richard

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The Wood Brothers

March 29 — 7:30pm

From early in their childhood in Boulder, CO., The Wood Brothers were steeped in American roots music. Eventually deciding to form a group whose music would adapt the blues, folk, and jazz music that they had both performed and been exposed to over their musical careers, The Wood Brother’s voices twine together in a harmonic blend for which sibling singers are often known.

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Allan Jones

For lovers of the visual arts, AcA’s Main Gallery is playing stage to a retrospective of UL Lafayette visual arts professor, Allan Jones. Having been exhibited nationally, Jones, through his use of color as an object, takes his viewer across a threshold into a moment, a place, and an experience. His paintings’ undeniable physicality as icons of color, melt as they bend and fold to the floor. Through this concrete nature of color and form, he acknowledges our existence. The manipulation of materials that paintings and sculptures are traditionally made of and the things that we see and use in our everyday lives, through the hands and mind of Allan Jones, results in an object that speaks to the core of humanity.

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